Cashmere goats in Inner Mongolia

Is Cashmere Sustainable? Cashmere’s sustainability in the market today…

At CC-Cashmere, our focus has always been on creating slow fashion, bucking the trend of buying synthetic items each week as the trends change, but promoting responsible buying and rewearing.

This is why we chose cashmere.
Not only is it a fabric that we have loved and worn for many years due to it’s advantages and benefits over other fabrics, but also because it is kind to our environment.
So, is cashmere sustainable?

Cashmere is a fabric which assists the notion of slow-fashion, with longevity being a major advantage. 
If taken care of properly, it can last a lifetime. 

Cashmere is a timeless fabric, with our classic styles always being on trend. The softness of the fibres, which it is known for around the world, allows for each cashmere product to effortlessly drape beautifully. This is a luxurious material which can be reworn with every look.
With this being a fabric which retains its beauty for years to come, it is much more sustainable that other materials. It makes for long-lasting items.
Is cashmere environmentally friendly?

At CC-Cashmere HQ, we have made a conscious decision of using cashmere that is at the forefront of achieving full sustainability. We are committed to sourcing sustainable materials and manufacturers that leave a low impact on our environment.
Our cashmere is sourced from goats in Inner Mongolia, as goats in this region are famously known for their thick undercoats.
In the Spring, these animals naturally shed their sought-after undercoat which is where our cashmere wool derives from, after being combed.
This is a natural fibre, meaning it’s biodegradable so it’s much kinder to the environment than synthetic fabrics. 

How should I care for my cashmere products?

As mentioned, if properly cared for then your cashmere fashion item can be loved for years to come. 
Due to the natural lanolin from the fibres, it’s firstly advised to avoid washing your cashmere more than necessary. 

When washing, however, it’s best to choose a low-alkaline detergent [as always with delicate items] or you can use baby shampoo.

In order to prolong your cashmere during the washing process, follow the steps below to get the best out of your luxury clothing pieces and accessories: 
  1. Add a small amount of shampoo to a basin filled with warm water. Aim for between 75 - 80 degrees. 
  2. Place the item inside the basin, gently swirling it in the water and shampoo. Be careful to not rub, stretch, or pull the material.
  3. Rinse the item, and repeat as many times as necessary until soap is no longer visible.
  4. Blot dry the item, gently squeezing it to remove excess water.
  5. You can roll the item gently between two fresh towels if the product still has excess water.
  6. For the best way to dry your cashmere, lay it flat on a mesh drying rack or a towel until dry.
At CC-Cashmere slow fashion, sustainability and organic cashmere are at the heart of all we do.

For us, it’s important for us to restore and enhance the value of organic cashmere and it’s exceptional fibres as a sustainable luxury. 

Our supply chain is carbon neutral and is dedicated to increasing awareness of nurturing and preserving our resourcing. 

Our packaging is also made from naturally occurring, timeless plant fibre that ensures a positive eco-contribution to the planet by reducing waste.

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