About CC-Cashmere

CC-Cashmere was founded in 2021, by environmentally conscious fashion enthusiast Carina Cyril-Kleinlugtebeld.

CC-Cashmere founder Carina Cyril-Kleinlugtebeld  

Throughout her journey in exploring responsible and slow fashion, Carina gradually began to design a collection which translated emotion through material to emit designs that celebrate the longevity of cashmere fabric. 
A collection, 
A voice, 
A vision, 
A cause.
The first collection masterfully integrated the concept of slow fashion by emphasising the importance of maintaining a relationship not only with people around us but with our environment, with our garments and with what surrounds us. 
The use of cashmere throughout CC-Cashmere’ garments strengthen the ideology as the durability of cashmere and its unique luxurious qualities allows for better nurturing, preserving and sustaining a unique connection.  
For Carina, sustainability is a way of life.  
Growing up with a mother who treasured and preserved her clothing, the desire to care for our environment and for the material created within it has been part of Carina’s fabric since birth. 
A generation before her placed a great emphasis on timeless garments which has since led to creating luxurious, dye-free, classic pieces which abide with sustainability measures and are cruelty free. 
For Carina, CC-Cashmere is her legacy, her lifestyle