Our Sustainability Promise

CC-Cashmere restores and enhances the value of organic cashmere and its exceptional fibres as a sustainable luxury. It binds the essence of cashmere and nurtures the emotional connections through slow fashion.

Our Organic Cashmere…

Our Organic Cashmere is pure, untreated and unbleached fibre sourced from Inner Mongolia, which has been handpicked from goats that are only combed and not sheared.

Inner Mongolia & Cashmere …

Our cashmere is sourced from goats in Inner Mongolia, with goats in this region being famously known for their thick undercoats.
In the Spring, these animals naturally shed their sought-after undercoat which is where our cashmere wool derives from.
The ethical process then begins to create timeless pieces which are to be worn and treasured for years to come.
Cashmere wool

Our Social Responsibility …

CC-Cashmere is fully committed to our environment and to implementing a culture of sustainability. Organic cashmere is considered the most sustainable and humane way of harvesting the cashmere by gently hand-combing the goat.
Here at CC-Cashmere, we are on a mission to make our business fully sustainable.
We have made a conscious decision of using cashmere that is at the forefront of achieving full sustainability. We are committed to sourcing sustainable materials and manufacturers that leave a low impact on our environment.
Our supply chain is carbon neutral and is dedicated to increasing awareness of nurturing and preserving our resourcing. From the production to packaging we respect sustainable guidelines.
Our packaging is made from naturally occurring, timeless plant fibre that ensures eco-contribution to the plant by reducing waste.

Quality without compromise….

Using Grade A+ cashmere fibres, the longest and finest available, we bring our clients cashmere at the fairest price without compromising the quality.

Our organic cashmere is certified by GOTS, which stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Cashmere goat

Mission Statement:

Our company’s foundation is built on our core values, which are at the heart of all we do. We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner.  It is our mission to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable.

We strongly believe that a truly sustainable venture begins with mindful production and the elimination of excess inventories. We are committed to circular and slow design principles and creating apparel using easy to care for, organic materials from renewable resources which allow for the lowest environmental impact.