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Lumi Series (Snow)

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  • Description: Women Winter Woven Organic Cashmere Scarf

  • Composition: 100% ORGANIC PURE CASHMERE Machine Woven

  • Size: 200 X 70cm

  • Colour: Snow


LUMI SERIES: Our organic cashmere winter scarf, is a timeless piece.  Designed to add warmth and comfort with a touch of class and sophistication. Our cashmere is sourced from an exclusive production in Inner Mongolia. The luxuriousness of cashmere elevates the style of CC- Cashmere scarves. An indispensable sustainable accessory that is an essential part of every woman's wardrobe.


These premium organic cashmere scarves are produce with the expertise and skills of local artisans. Crafted with an entirely handmade process in inner Mongolia. Our organic cashmere scarves are biodegradable and untreated. It will last you through all seasons, through all weather. The insulation properties of cashmere, its thermal regulation and the natural comfort make our scarf an ideal year-round accessory. These CC-Cashmere lumi series scarves are 200cm long and 70cm wide in dimensions.