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Yule Series (Beach Sand)

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  • Description: Men Winter Woven Organic Cashmere Scarf.

  • Composition: 100% ORGANIC PURE CASHMERE Machine Woven

  • Size: 180 X 30cm

  • Colour: Beach Sand


YULE SERIES: Our sustainable organic cashmere, sourced exclusively in inner Mongolia is meant to last a long time. A timeless, luxurious accessory perfect for winter cold and layering. Our iconic cashmere enhances the elegance and refined design of the scarf. Add an instant polish to your wardrobe with this contemporary scarf that is sure to complement any ensemble.


CC-Cashmere’s premium organic, biodegradable cashmere scarves are made with the dedication and the skills of local artisans of inner Mongolia. They are handpicked from goats that are combed and gathered in the warmer season and spun into yarns.

They are untreated and unbleached and carry you through all seasons, through all weather. Clothes made of Mongolian cashmere require delicate care and attention but will reward you by lasting a long time. These CC-Cashmere yule series scarves are 180cm long and 30cm wide in dimensions